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About Us

We the Kappa Gamma Fraternity look back to the days of strong men and simple lives, and aim only to follow such steps. We hold tremendous respect for the rich heritage that the Deaf community and Gallaudet University hold.

The Kappa Gamma Fraternity is the oldest fraternity of the Deaf in existence. We are descended from H.O.S.S., founded in 1863, and later renamed as the Xi Phi Sigma Fraternity. The latter was then reestablished as the Kappa Gamma Fraternity on January 4th, 1901 under the guidance of Brother Dr. Percival Hall and three undergraduate students.

Currently Kappa Gamma Fraternity counts over 1,901, both alive and deceased, on its membership roll. Since the founding of Kappa Gamma Fraternity, we have continually striven to set example for the student body of the Kendall Green. We have done this by maintaining only the highest standards and admitting men of the highest caliber, who have shown their character in the areas of Scholarship, Leadership, and Fellowship. While our only collegiate chapter is set at Gallaudet University, our deeds and accomplishments are comparable to those of a national or an international basis. Our contributions to Gallaudet University and to the Deaf community illustrate the concept that is not all about fun. It also is about servitude.

A fraternity is a place where everyone knows your name, a place to call home, a place to develop bonds of solemn brotherhood, and a place to go when you are in need. It is a place for you to develop yourself wholesomely and help others maximize their potential. Brotherhood is not limited to the years of college but rather everlasting.

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